How to approach data management planning

What is Data Management Planning?

Planning is a key part of effectively managing your research data. Many grant proposals to government and private funders must include a data management plan as part of the application. This is typically a supplementary document (1-2 pages in length) describing how your research data will be managed and shared, both during and after your project.

How to Approach It

The Research Data website offers guidance for Emory researchers managing data throughout the research lifecycle, including best practices for data management planning.

Services We Offer to Help with Data Management Planning

The Scholarly Communications Office can help you with:

Data Management Plans

  • DMPTool: We provide institutional access to the DMPTool for researchers preparing data management plans for grant applications. Log in with your Emory Network ID to access sample plans and templates.
  • Reviews and consultations: We will review draft data management plans upon request from Emory principal investigators. We compare your plan to the guidelines provided by the funder, and recommend resources to consider and improved language to strengthen your plan for managing data at Emory. Schedule a consultation to request a review of your plan.

Data Publishing

  • Data Repositories: We assist with selection of an appropriate disciplinary repository to deposit your research data, and guidance for preparing your datasets to share. Schedule a consultation.
  • Emory Dataverse: We provide access to an open data repository, supporting long-term and sustainable access for data produced by Emory researchers.