Why Use the Emory Dataverse?

Benefits to using the Emory Dataverse include:

  • Increased visibility and impact of your research. The Emory Dataverse gives you a place to share your data publicly, which can increase the visibility of your research. Each dataset in Dataverse is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), allowing for persistent and reliable long-term access to your data.
  • Safe and active management of your data. Depositing your research data in the Emory Dataverse not only makes your data easier to find and access, but also keeps your data safe. You can add detailed metadata to better describe your data and enable access restrictions.
  • Fulfill data sharing requirements. Many journals and funding agencies expect researchers to share data produced in support of published research findings. Depositing your data with the Emory Dataverse meets these requirements.
  • All the above! Dataverse has a simple user interface to deposit and describe your data, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your research.

If you are conducting research at Emory and would like to deposit your data with the Emory Dataverse: