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Journal articles supported by the Emory Open Access Publishing Fund.


Is the Dairy Relief Program Really Working? Evaluating Maine's Tier Payment Program using A Simulation Approach

Sustainability, 2018

Recipient: Xuan Chen


Determination of ED50 and time to effectiveness for intrathecal hydromorphone in laboring patients using Dixon's up-and-down sequential allocation method

BMC Anesthesiology, 2018

Recipient: Grant Lynde


“Unhealthy weight among children in Spain and the role of the home environment”

BMC Research Notes, 2018

Recipient: Rebecca Jones


 “Acute Kidney Injury in a Patient on Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumarate After Initiation of Treatment for Hepatitis C Virus Infection”

Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 2018

Recipient: David P. Serota


 “Association of participation in a supplemental nutrition program with stillbirth by race, ethnicity, and maternal characteristics”

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 2018

Recipient: Meghan Angley


“The association between long work hours and leisure-time physical activity and obesity”

Preventive Medicine Reports, 2018

Recipient: Miranda Cook


Dietary oxidative balance scores and biomarkers of inflammation among individuals with and without chronic kidney disease

Nephron Extra, 2018

Recipient: Kristin Marks


The impact of dependent coverage expansion under the Affordable Care Act on time to breast cancer treatment among young women

PLoS One, 2018

Recipient: Xuesong Han


“Environmental stochasticity and intraspecific competition influence the population dynamics of Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae)”

Parasites and Vectors, 2018

Recipient: Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec


"Determining gestational age and preterm birth in rural Guatemala: A comparison of methods."

PLoS One, 2018

Recipient: Lisa Thompson


“Arsenic exposure and risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) among US adolescents and adults: an association modified by race/ethnicity, NHANES 2005-2014”

Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, 2018

Recipient: Jean Welsh


Glutamatergic Tuning of Hyperactive Striatal Projection Neurons Controls the Motor Response to Dopamine Replacement in Parkinsonian Primates

Cell Reports, 2018

Recipient: Stella Papa


Global Trends in the Awareness of Sepsis: Insights from Search Engine Data Between 2012 and 2017

Critical Care, 2018

Recipient: Craig Jabaley


“Patient and caregiver determinants of patient quality of life and caregiver strain in left ventricular assist device therapy”

Journal of the American Heart Association. 2018

Recipient: Julie Bidwell


Sanitation and water supply coverage thresholds associated with active trachoma: modeling cross-sectional data from 13 countries

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 2018

Recipient: Matthew Freeman


 “Management of Low and Intermediate Risk Adult Rhabdomyosarcoma: A Pooled Survival Analysis of 553 Patients”

Scientific Reports, 2018

Recipient: Mohamed Amgad Tageldin


“Psychopathy and Pride: Testing Lykken’s Hypothesis Regarding the Implications of Fearlessness for Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior”

Frontiers in Psychology, 2018

Recipient: Thomas Costello


Utility of International Store-and-Forward Teledermatopathology Among a Cohort of Majority Female Patients at a Tertiary Referral Center in Afghanistan

International Journal of Women's Dermatology, 2018

Recipient: Aimen Ismail


Beyond signal functions in global obstetric care: Using a clinical cascade to measure emergency obstetric readiness

Plos One, 2018

Recipient: John. N. Cranmer



Beyond antibodies: B cells and the OPG/RANK-RANKL pathway in health, non-HIV disease and HIV-induced bone loss

Frontiers in Immunology, 2017

Recipient: Kehmia Titanji


Hearing Impairment, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia: A Meta-Analysis of Cohort Studies

Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders EXTRA, 2017

Recipient: Eeshwar Chandrasekar


Making evolution stick: using sticky notes to teach the mechanisms of evolutionary change

Evolution: Education and Outreach, 2017

Recipient: Teresa Lee


Retrospectively Self-Reported Age of Childhood Abuse Onset in a United States Nationally Representative Sample

Injury Epidemiology, 2017

Recipient: Alison Cammack


Qualitative Evaluation of Trauma Delays in Road Traffic Injury Patients in Maringá, Brazil

BMC Health Services Research, 2017

Recipient: Anjni Patel


Using a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to Improve Study Efficiency and Quality during a Prospective Cohort Study in Infants Receiving Rotavirus Vaccination in El Alto, Bolivia: The Infant Nutrition, Inflammation, and Diarrheal Illness (NIDI) Study

BMC Public Health, 2017

Recipient: Kaitlyn Stanhope


Abbreviation of the follow-up NIH stroke scale using factor analysis

Ceredrovascular diseases Extra, 2017

Recipient: Srikant Rangaraju


Chronic disease concordance within Indian households: a cross-sectional study

Plos Medicine, 2017

Recipient: Shivani Patel


Homeless Shelter Context and Tuberculosis Illness Experiences During a Large Outbreak in Atlanta, Georgia

Public Health Action, 2017

Recipient: William J. Connors


Experience with Kaposi Sarcoma herpesvirus Inflammatory Cytokine Syndrome (KICS) in a large urban HIV clinic in the United States: Case Series and Literature Review

Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 2017

Recipient: Valeria Cantos


Genetic wealth, population health: Major Histocompatibility Complex variation in captive and wild ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta)

Ecology and Evolution, 2017

Recipient: Kathleen Grogan


Assessing the global reach and value of a provider-facing healthcare app using large-scale analytics

BMJ Global Health, 2017

Recipient: Vikas O'Reilly-Shah


Beyond menstrual hygiene: Addressing vaginal bleeding throughout the life course in low- and middle-income countries

BMJ Global Health, 2017

Recipient: Bethany Caruso


Grandmothers’ perspectives on the changing context of health in India

BMC Research Notes, 2017

Recipient: Solveig Argeseanu


Comparison of Multiple Obesity Indices for Cardiovascular Disease Risk Classification in South Asian Adults: The CARRS Study

PLOS One, 2017

Recipient: Shivani Patel


Long-term consistency in chimpanzee consolation behaviour reflects empathetic personalities

Nature Communications, 2017

Recipient: Christine Webb


Highly Successful Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Treatment Outcomes in Human Immunodeficiency Virus/HCV-Coinfected Patients at a Large, Urban, Ryan White Clinic

Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 2017

Recipient: Lesley Miller


Distance Learning: Revitalizing Anesthesia Training in Resource-Limited Ethiopia

Frontiers in Public Health, 2017

Recipient: Krupa Patel


Urban and rural stroke mortality rates in China between 1988 and 2013: An age-period-cohort analysis

Journal of International Medical Research, 2017

Recipient: Jingjing Li


Identification of Ellagic Acid Rhamnoside as a Bioactive Component of a Complex Botanical Extract with Anti-Biofilm Activity

Frontiers in Microbiology, 2017

Recipient: Emily Weinert


Regime Shifts and Panarchies in Regional Scale Social Ecological Water Systems

Ecology and Society, 2017

Recipient: Lance Gunderson


Safety and Efficacy of Single-Balloon Enteroscopy in the Management of Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Patients with a Left Ventricular Assist Device

Endoscopy International Open, 2017

Recipient: Steven Keilin


SFPQ NONO and XLF Function separately and together to promote DNA Double Strand Break repair via Canonical Non-Homologous End Joining

Nucleic Acids Research, 2017

Recipient: William Dynan


Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers and suPAR in Predicting Decline in Renal Function: a Prospective Cohort Study

Kidney International Reports, 2017

Recipient: Salim Hayek


Targeting pediatric versus elderly populations for norovirus vaccines: a model-based analysis of mass vaccination options

Epidemics, 2016

Recipient: Molly Steele


One-day workshop-based training improves physical activity prescription knowledge in Latin American Physicians: A pre-test post-test study

BMC Pulic Health, 2016

Recipient: Roberto (Felipe) Lobelo


Decreasing Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate is Associated with Increased Risk of Hospitalization Following Kidney Transplantation

Kidney International Reports, 2016

Recipient: Rachel Patzer


Barriers to Weight Loss among Community Health Center Patients: Qualitative Insights from Primary Care Providers

BMC Obesity, 2016

Recipient: Rebecca Woodruff


An epigenetic clock for gestational age at birth based on blood methylation data

Genome Biology, 2016

Recipient: Anna Knight


Streptococcus pneumoniae eradicates preformed Staphylococcus aureus biofilms through a mechanism requiring physical contact

Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 2016

Recipient: Jorge Vidal


Multi-method assessment of patients with febrile illness reveals over-diagnosis of malaria in rural Uganda

Malaria Journal, 2016

Recipient: Ria Ghai


Multivitamin use and serum vitamin B12 levels in older-adult metformin users in REGARDS, 2003-2007

PLoS One, 2016

Recipient: Vijaya Kancherla


Factors influencing community fishers' leadership engagement in international small-scale fisheries

Frontiers in Marine Science, 2016

Recipient: Murray Rudd

Determinants of Anemia among School-aged Children in Mexico, the United States and Colombia

Nutrients, 2016

Recipient: Parminder Suchdev


Age-Dependent Effects in the Association between Monetary Delay Discounting and Risky Sexual Behavior

SpringerPlus, 2016

Recipient: Jeb Jones


Comparison of Outcomes between Individuals with Pure and Mixed Lupus Nephritis: A Retrospective Study

PLoS One Medicine, 2016

Recipient: Titilayo Ilori


Retrospective cohort study of cancer incidence and mortality by HIV status in a Georgia, USA prisoner cohort during the HAART era

British Medical Journal, 2016

Recipient: Anne Spaulding


Constructing hypothetical risk data from the area under the ROC curve: modelling distributions of polygenic risk

PLoS One, 2016

Recipient: A. Cecile J.W. Janssens


Familial autoimmunity in the Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance Registry

Biomed Central Pediatric Rheumatology, 2016

Recipient: Sampath Prahalad


Survalytics: An Open-Source Cloud-Integrated Experience Sampling, Survey, and Analytics and Metadata Collection Module for Android Operating System Apps.”

jmir mHealth and uHealth, 2016

Recipient: Vikas O'Reilly-Shah


Acute toxicity in comprehensive head and neck radiation for nasopharynx and paranasal sinus cancers: cohort comparison of 3D conformal proton therapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy

Radiation Oncology, 2016

Recipient: Mark McDonald


Antibiotic Resistance in Animal and Environmental Samples Associated with Small Scale Poultry Farming in Northwestern Ecuador

mSphere, 2016

Recipient: Karen Levy


Sex differences in Cardiovascular Disease Risk of Ghanaian and Nigerian-born West African Immigrants in the United States: The Afro-Cardiac Study

Journal of the American Hearth Association, 2016

Recipient: Yvonne Commodore-Mensah


Spatial variation of insecticide resistance in the dengue vector Aedes aegypti presents unique vector control challenges

BMC Parasites and Vectors, 2016

Recipient: Gonzalo Vazquez-Prokopec


The impact of home, work, and church environments on fat intake over time among rural residents: A longitudinal observational study

BMC Public Health, 2016

Recipient: Regine Haardoerfer


Results of a community randomized study of a faith-based education program to improve clinical trial participation among African Americans

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2016

Recipient: Kelli O’Connell


Occam's Razor Need Not Apply: A Case of Concurrent Cryptococcal Meningitis and Primary CNS Lymphoma in an HIV/AIDS Patient

Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 2016

Recipient: Iris (Xiao Jing) Wang


Health-related Outcomes among the Poor: Medicaid Expansion vs. Non-expansion States

PLoS One, 2015

Recipient: Xuesong Han


Mesenchymal Stromal Cells to Modulate Immune Reconstitution Early Post-Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation

BMC Immunology, 2015

Recipient: Elizabeth Stenger


Population aging, macroeconomic changes, and global diabetes prevalence, 1990-2008

Population Health Metrics, 2015

Recipient: Neil Mehta


Sugars and adiposity: the long-term effects of consuming added and naturally occurring sugars in foods and in beverages

Obesity Science & Practice, 2015

Recipient: Jean Welsh


Hepatic Insulin Gene Therapy Prevents Diabetic Enteropathy in STZ-treated CD-1 Mice

Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development, 2015

Recipient: Peter Thule


The Role of Human Transportation Networks in Mediating the Genetic Structure of Seasonal Influenza in the United States

PLoS Pathogens, 2015

Recipient: Brooke Bozick


A Cross-Sectional Study of the Prevalence and Correlates of Tobacco Use in Chennai, Delhi, And Karachi: Data from the CARRS Study

BMC Public Health, 2015

Recipient: Carla Berg


Amount of hepatic fat predicts cardiovascular risk independent of insulin resistance among Hispanic-American adolescents

Lipids in Health and Disease, 2015

Recipient: Ran Jin


Ascaris and Escherichia coli Inactivation in an Ecological Sanitation System in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

PLoS ONE, 2015

Recipient: David Berendes


Vitamin D Status and the Risk for Hospital-Acquired Infections in Critically Ill Adults: A Prospective Cohort Study

PLoS ONE, 2015

Recipient: Jordan Kempker


Comparison of Quality-of-Care Measures in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease Secondary to Lupus Nephritis vs. Other Causes

BMC Nephrology, 2015

Recipient: Laura Plantinga


Obesity is Associated with an Increase in Pharmaceutical Expenses Among University Employees

Journal of Obesity, 2015

Recipient: Julie Gazmararian


Multilevel Challenges to Receiving HIV Care after Prison Release: A Theory-Informed Qualitative Study Comparing Prisoners' Perspectives Before and After Community Reentry

BMC Public Health, 2014

Recipient: Danielle Haley


Acceptability and Willingness among Men who have sex with men (MSM) to Use a Tablet-based HIV Risk Assessment in a Clinical Setting

SpringerPlus, 2014

Recipient: Jeb Jones


Impact of experimental human pneumococcal carriage on nasopharyngeal densities in healthy adults

PLoS One, 2014

Recipient: Joshua Shak


A Formative Evaluation of a Social Media Campaign to Reduce Adolescent Dating Violence

JMIR Research Protocols, 2014

Recipient: Paula Frew


Global Positioning System Data-Loggers: A Tool to Quantify Fine-Scale Movement of Domestic Animals to Evaluate Potential for Zoonotic Transmission to an Endangered Wildlife Population

PLoS One, 2014

Recipient: Michele Parsons (Emory Student, College)


Director Field Model of Primary Visual Cortex for Contour Detection

PLoS One, 2014

Recipient: Vijay Singh


HSP90 inhibition downregulates thymidylate synthase and sensitizes colorectal cancer cell lines to the effect of 5FU-based chemotherapy

Oncotarget, 2014

Recipient: Purnachandra Nagaraju Ganji


The White Ceiling Bias and the Underestimation of Asian-American Income

PLoS One, 2014

Recipient: Chris Martin


Geographical variation in health-related physical fitness and body composition among Chilean 8th graders: a nationally representative cross-sectional study

PLoS One, 2014

Recipient: Roberto Lobelo


Factors associated with pupil latrine use in Kenyan primary schools

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2014

Recipient: Joshua Garn


Endothelial Dysfunction is Associated with Occult Coronary Artery Disease Detected by Positron Emission Tomography

International Journal of Cardiology Metabolic & Endocrine, 2014

Recipient: Ambar Kulshreshtha


Measuring social networks for medical research in lower-income settings

PLoS One, 2014

Recipient: Solveig Argeseanu Cunningham


Modeling the Pre-Industrial Roots of Modern Super-Exponential Population Growth

PLoS One, 2014

Recipient: Aaron Stutz


Patterns of geographic expansion of Aedes aegypti in the Peruvian Amazon

Public Library of Science Neglected Tropical Diseases, 2014

Recipient: Sarah Anne Guagliardo


Do we produce enough fruits and veg globally to meet nutritional guidelines?

PLoS One, 2014

Recipient: Karen Siegel


The economic burden of pediatric gastroenteritis to Bolivian families: A cross-sectional study of correlates of catastrophic cost and overall cost burden

BMC Public Health, 2014

Recipient: Rachel Burke


Sex and Age Differences in the Association of Depression with Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease and Adverse Cardiovascular Events

Journal of the American Heart Association, 2014

Recipient: Amit Shah


Extreme heterogeneity in parasitism despite low population genetic structure among monarch butterflies inhabiting the Hawaiian Islands

PLoS One, 2014

Recipient: Amanda Pierce


Bounded Gaps Between Primes in Chebotarev Sets

Research in Mathematical Sciences, 2014

Recipient: Jesse Thorner


Acceptability and intended usage preferences for six HIV testing options among internet-using men who have sex with men

SpringerPlus, 2014

Recipient: Akshay Sharma


Live attenuated influenza vaccination enhances colonizing dynamics of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus

mBio, 2014

Recipient: Michael Mina


Anti-retroviral therapy is associated with Decreased Alveolar Glutathione Levels even in Healthy HIV-infected Individuals

Plos ONE, 2014

Recipient: Sushma Cribbs


Social, behavioral, and sleep characteristics associated with depression symptoms among undergraduate students at a women’s college: a cross-sectional depression survey, 2012

Women's Health, 2014

Recipient: Matthew Magee


Exhaled breath condensate in intubated neonates - a window into the lung's glutathione status

Respiratory Research, 2014

Recipient: Theresa Gauthier