Emory's Open Education Initiative

From 2014-2016, the Scholarly Communications Office partnered with the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship on the Emory Open Education Initiative (EOEI) program. EOEI sought to inspire Emory faculty to find better and less costly ways to deliver instructional content to their students. The program offered Emory faculty participants $1,000 mini-grants and an OER immersive training program. Participants used grant funds to create or compile OERs, library materials, or faculty/student-generated content to be used instead of textbooks in their classrooms.

Between 2014-2016, EOEI awarded eleven mini-grants to Emory faculty. While some projects from EOEI remain works-in-progress, many others have been completed and made publicly available:

  • Professor Steven Kraftchick’s theology graduate course worked collaboratively on an OER project using Wikipedia.
  • Professor Karlene Coleman created a video about a family and their journey with Cystic Fibrosis.
  • Professor Hope Bussenius created tutorials for her PediaBP app to teach nursing students how to provide accurate blood pressure readings to children and adolescents.
  • Professor Hiram (Max) Maxim worked with students to create a German grammar tutorial website.

For more information about EOEI, please contact the Scholarly Communications Office at scholcomm@listserv.cc.emory.edu .