Other Campus Offices Providing Related Support

The Scholarly Communications Office works closely with many other units on campus that provide related support.

Center for Faculty Development and Excellence

The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE) provides funding opportunities, programs, and resources for faculty in support of teaching, research, and professional development.

Course Reserves

Emory University Libraries’ Course Reserves assists faculty and instructors with sharing copyrighted works with students, both in-person and electronically.

Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

The Emory Center for Digital Scholarship provides support services for incorporating digital tools and methods into research, teaching, and publishing, including GIS, mapping, data visualization, and more.

Office of General Counsel

Emory University's Office of the General Counsel provides legal advice and guidance to Emory University and Emory Healthcare to further Emory’s efforts in achieving preeminence in research, teaching, and making people healthy.

Office of Technology Transfer

Emory’s Office of Technology Transfer provides researchers with assistance in protecting intellectual property and securing commercial licensing deals for Emory innovations.